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*new song* Wrong Memories

Second ambient+drums experiment. This track goes into the Numelica WIP OST.

This song is quite different from the rest in the set. I was different 10 months ago when I created the previous song in the OST, that’s why this new one does not fit, I’m have improved.

I need to upgrade, recreate, fix this gap, somehow.

Ernac (The Bullfrog Stone?)

A new enemy!

The third iteration of Ernac.

Quick, high range, high damage, high endurance but highly predictable

Numelica - Ernac

8 months ago, it used to be really passive :)

What Is Numelica?

Let me try to explain the game with a gameplay video…

Classic description: "Numelica aims to be an action arcade game with tight controls and roguelike elements. Right now on development by GekoMachine, an independent studio in Costa Rica!”

There is still much work to be done but we are working hard on it. 

If you want to know when the game is ready feel free to subscribe here! http://eepurl.com/YRdD1

What’s up with everything? —Half Year Edition—

First, Numelica. Since the last update (5 months ago) I have been working a lot on this project and I have a lot to say, but this is going into his own post later. It has been really hard, my trello to-do is giant, but I am very happy with the results. The game needs more time and more time are two scary words, but it feels right. I think I know where I am going. #hope


Numelica’s infinite procedural generated labyrinth

Second, Helevenium #postmortem: My latest and best game in all senses: code, fx, sounds, gameplay, details, mood, start screen, mechanics, consistency, under 3 days. I did put a lot of effort on polishing everything. I have learn a lot since my first game and Helevenium represents my current skills. The game was featured on WarpDoor and Button Masher Bros Show. #levelup


Third, more prototypes! Yes! Two of them are evolving slowly but frequent:

ZILXX (based on SILX)


Badheilen (my first 3D experiment)


…and now I should be working, trying to finish some of this!

new game: Helevenium (Ludum Dare 29)

or if you prefer on GameJolt / Newgrounds / Kongregate.

all my games have been created during a Ludum Dare, it’s weird to think about this.

i am really grateful with this wonderful and inspiring event.

a real game

i don’t have a real game yet, this bothers me a lot. i do have some prototypes and 3 Ludum Dare games.

and i love those creatures, but in my mind they are just experiments made in jam mode. they aren’t finished, they don’t represent a completed process, they represent my learning.

Numelica on the other side, is my biggest prototype, my first 6 months of work on a game with a purpose. I feel pride, I am scare, confused, happy, without time to enumerate all the emotions involved.

hm, yeah, Numelica. i don’t have time to write about my feelings, i have a lot of work to do!

fuck you emotions, fuck you creative cycle of despair.

*bonus* my latest prototype: Heilen.


NUMELICA (work in progress #1)


Numelica is trying to be an action arcade game with roguelike elements and tight controls.

I am creating this with Screaming Mantys and Andrés Solano

I will be writing about his development on this blog, feel free to tell me what you think!

> OST wips


> Prototype gif




(More gif here from an previous version).